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Sirens filled the air and the ground shook with war

Their claim: that this was a war without reason

Lucy in the sky with diamonds
19 September
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carrie. mo. english major. psychology minor. copy wench. caffeine addict. perfectionist. the killers. indecisive. book worm. liberal political junkie.
loves trees. compulsive cleaner. pen hoarder. aunt of two. organized to the point of ridiculousness. adam lambert. lady gaga.
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"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home." - Edward R. Murrow
"You've gotta give them hope." - Harvey Milk

Marriage is love.


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Here are all my credits for brushes, screencaps, gradients, textures, etc. These people are fantastic and help me make pretties.


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Check out my icon journal, yo. faeries_icons

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