New Killers article - Sirens filled the air and the ground shook with war
Their claim: that this was a war without reason
New Killers article
In hopes that they will draw attention to the tradgedy of homelessness, Las Vegas indie rock foursome The Killers have decided to protest the use of razors. Lead singer and keyboard player Brandon Flowers says, "Even if one person sees us and decides to donate to a soup kitchen, the itchiness and occasional infestation of rats is all worth it." "Ronnie stole my Gillette and I just haven't gone to WalMart to get another one. But Mark had this idea to save like, the homeless or whatever and I'm cool with that. WalMart freaks me out anyway." Explains guitarist Dave Keuning.

"My outfit was inspired by Colenol Sanders. I hear Madonna's going to try the Ronald McDonald look soon. Fast food fashion is on the rise." Says Flowers.

"I really need to put a lock on my fucking door because Ronnie stole my damned shirt, too." Keuning complains as he hides the magazine he's reading behind his back as drummer Ronnie Vannucci walks past.

"I was meditating through this whole photoshoot, restoring my karma." Mark Stoermer adds as he looks up from his encyclopedia. Across the room Vannucci throws an empty coke can at his head.

The band will be releasing their sophomore album later this fall.

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thevelvetsun From: thevelvetsun Date: June 21st, 2006 05:28 am (UTC) (Link)
I love you Carrie.
bnlmaroonvwbug From: bnlmaroonvwbug Date: June 21st, 2006 06:08 am (UTC) (Link)
LOLOL. You win at life.
From: killerschick89 Date: June 21st, 2006 06:10 am (UTC) (Link)
NOW THIS will be interesting. You win.
From: rionera Date: June 21st, 2006 06:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Hahaha! Good times. :D

Your new icons are hilarious!!
electricchicken From: electricchicken Date: June 21st, 2006 03:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
...I think Ronnie's drugging the cola again.

"Aha!" he thinks to himself as Brandon loses the abilty to pick out tasteful outfits shave, "Now I shall be the prettiest forever!"
thruyourveins From: thruyourveins Date: June 21st, 2006 11:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

they look horrible, but the pictures are nice. & i'll always love brandon lolz.
From: ___londonflat Date: June 22nd, 2006 04:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
what the. the. the.

hell isn't strong enough and fuck doesn't really convey the confusion. we need to invent a new word, carrie dear.


second: ronnie. did he. i mean, did his wife kick him out, forcing him to live on the streets, where he grew like ten years older?

third: mark has been spending too much time with the pope.

fourth: why does mark have a villian mustache? WHY?!

fifth: dave looks hot. dave always looks hot. is dave incapable of being hot? i think so.


okay, so they don't look that bad. it's just not the clean, spiffy, gorgeous boys (and mark; tall, creepy, awesome mark) i'm used to.
faeries_wing919 From: faeries_wing919 Date: June 23rd, 2006 05:58 am (UTC) (Link)
My thoughts were, "Uhh..." basically. Lol.

First: SERIOUSLY BRANDON! You say you want to be more serious and blah blah blahhhhty blah! We don't care. We like you pretty and beautiful. Don't hide teh pretty and teh gay, please.

Second: God, I know! What the hell? In the first picture it's like he's got major old man hair going on. It's not even right.

Third & Fourth: The pope was a member of the Nazi party at one time a long time ago, so maybe since Mark's been chillin' with him, he decided to be a villain like them? Just a theory.

Fifth: He would look hotter if he'd shave his freaking face. If we took the clean-shaven face from the first picture and put that on the hot body picture, we'd be in business. Mwar.


And you're right. It's not like, nauseating or anything, but still. I liked them as glamorous spiffy guys. I'll always love them regardless of how smelly they get or how many villages of lice are living in their facial hair, but sometimes I need something pretty to look at.
From: yvee_beth Date: June 19th, 2007 01:47 am (UTC) (Link)
okey I dont have a razor isnt an excuse for not shaving...neither is wallmart creaps me there only one place in america where u can get razors?


hi I'm new btw...great LJ...can I add you as a friend?

love, yvee
faeries_wing919 From: faeries_wing919 Date: June 19th, 2007 05:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Haha, they really ought to listen to us!!

Absolutely! You are added back. Very nice to meet you, I'm Carrie, btw. :D
From: yvee_beth Date: June 19th, 2007 06:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
hehe that's awesome...woot a new LJ friend ^^ and yeah + they shud also hear all our "Bradon will you come out already" yells :P
From: yvee_beth Date: June 19th, 2007 06:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
oh btw I'm a big fan of Regina Spektor myself :D
faeries_wing919 From: faeries_wing919 Date: June 19th, 2007 10:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aww, cool! Isn't Regina fabulous? Samson is my favorite song, what's yours?
From: yvee_beth Date: June 20th, 2007 06:02 am (UTC) (Link)
oh yeah that's def one of mine too also because it was the song wich introduced me to was part of a fic on studio 60 Matt and Danny slash...yeah teh good old the by...if u want we can mail ;)

just see if you'd like that...
faeries_wing919 From: faeries_wing919 Date: June 21st, 2007 08:17 am (UTC) (Link)
Cool, I'll add you to my contacts list. :) I'm, so if you get any e-mails from that crazy person, it's me. :)
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