Resources - Sirens filled the air and the ground shook with war
Their claim: that this was a war without reason
These are the wonderful people who I have downloaded brushes, screencaps, gradients, or textures from.

If I've ever downloaded anything from you, your name is here. I don't necessarily use them anymore, but hey, the folks deserve all the credit we can give, right? :)
Brush sites:
title or description title or description Forbidden Fire

title or description title or description

V-brush. Colour Dreams. 17 Wings. Crushed Violet. Ex-posed. BreeMarie.

100x100 icon brushes:
serendipitysho spiffydayz inxsomniax ragingquietly quebelly neverlandwendy brushaxbrusha pekeana oh_pants darkislight dojie a_fallenstar wednesday_icons lovetheories takenaga gamin1432 claudia6913 eightyfour__ maybethistime photoshopranger ohpaintbrush lvlwing_icons dearest garishlight jadedicons aconite the_left_drawer lenija seeingyouaround sir mutsie_brushes xswaniconsx

forbiddenstorm kekoah vert_gazon

- Harry Potter screen caps and
some lovely gradients credited to

- The Beatles screen caps credited to chadwinrules

- Green Day screen caps withpaperwings_

- CSI screencaps solamentenic

- Idol 4 screencaps (Mario Vazquez)

- Greg Sanders CSI shower scene caps Here. {photobucket password=gimmecaps)

- Dane Cook SNL caps: edele

- Donnie Darko Caps: adolwyn Here.

- RENT caps: outoftime

- Panic! at the disco caps: myown_microcosm

- House caps: bluebear_74

- Musician photos by Andrew Kendall; The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, My Chemical Romance, The Libertines, etc.

Faerie is Feeling:: accomplished accomplished
Grooving to:: Homecoming- Green Day

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